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Preparation for yoga class:
It is best to practice on an empty or nearly empty stomach (at least 1-2 hours after a light meal).
Try to avoid caffeine and nicotine a minimum of an hour prior to practice.
Wear loose comfortable clothing that doesn't constrict or bind.
Bring a yoga mat or beach size towel.
A water bottle is recommended.
* yoga mats will be available for purchase

What to expect in Vani’s yoga class:
We will begin class with a gentle warm up. Then focus our attention on breathing practices (pranayama). The class will then practice some basic standing poses (sun salutations and others), followed by floor work – backbends and forward bends. These are traditional yoga postures which can be accommodated to all levels of students. We will finish class with a long relaxation ( 5 minutes minimum).

About Pranayama ( breathing practices):
Breath allows us to take in energy or Prana (life force). In class we will focus on both exhalations and inhalations. You will learn to breath deeply and to use the breath to help you achieve deeper levels in different poses. During class, if you notice your breathing becoming erratic or that you are having difficulty breathing deeply, these are signs that you are working too hard and that you have exceeded your body's limit in the pose. In each pose, you will learn to listen to your breath and to work within your range of comfort.

About the Postures:
In both the standing poses and the floor work, we will focus on proper alignment. This protects the joints and muscles. I will demonstrate the poses and also provide you with alternate poses if you have any special needs (i.e. arthritis, knee surgery, fibromalgia etc.) The benefits of each pose will be discussed. During class, you will be asked to listen to your body – you know it best, and you must always work within a comfort zone. Class is a non competitive environment and your time there should be a pleasant experience.

Before Class:
Please let me know if you have any medical contraindications I should be aware of – such as high blood pressure, heart condition, etc. I also should be notified if you are pregnant or have recently had surgery. If you have any questions regarding the advisability of yoga, please check with your doctor.


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