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Whole BirthTM Prenatal Yoga with Vani

A complimentary mind-body approach to fitness, pregnancy and childbirth.

The Whole BirthTM Yoga system combines hatha yoga postures with the art of mindfulness. The classes combine postures, meditation, self inquiry and group support. Regular attendance will allow mothers to feel the incredible benefits of yoga, as well as to understand and trust their ability to nurture and birth their babies. In a nurturing forum pregnant women will:

  • Improve maternal fitness and posture Strengthen birthing muscles 
  • Learn to alleviate physical discomforts associated with pregnancy such as backaches, water retention, heartburn, nausea, gastro-intestinal discomforts and others 
  • Develop confidence and trust in their bodies for birth 
  • Practice effective pain coping skills 
  • Make supportive connections with other pregnant women

Regular practice of prenatal yoga helps pregnant women learn to reduce stress and anxiety before and during labor. It provides a safe and effective workout that will help improve circulation, tone muscles, increase energy and decrease anxiety. Women in all stages of pregnancy, and in varied levels of fitness can benefit from prenatal yoga. No previous yoga experience is necessary.

Prenatal Triangle Pose

Prenatal Warrior Pose

Prenatal Bridge Pose


"mothers to be" in supta bodhakonasana - recline cobbler's pose/ great for low back pain and getting flow to the pelvic area - so relaxing!  Photos taken at Mandala yoga in Portland, Or.

A yoga mat is required. Class time will include sharing prenatal issues. As with any fitness program, your health care provider should be consulted before participating.

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Quote of the moment:
A woman should trust her own instincts, her own psyche
and her own intuition more than anything else
- Yogi Bhajan

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